Esse Health is pleased to have its own Infusion Center at two convenient locations. We have an office located at 100 Village Square in Hazelwood and a second office located in Suite 101 of the Physician's Office Building on the grounds of Mercy South Medical Center. We offer a quiet, relaxing setting for infusions/injections at a lower cost than a hospital outpatient infusion center. Infusion therapy is available for Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis (rheumatoid, psoriatic, and ankylosing), plaque psoriasis, bone loss, and iron replacement. We also offer immune globulin therapy and other infusion therapies on request.

The Esse Health Infusion Center provides exceptional infusion therapy services that combine advanced technology with knowledgeable, well-trained staff focused on patient comfort and privacy. We have created a quiet, peaceful, homey environment staffed with highly qualified Esse Health providers that will give you compassionate care and service. We have flexible appointment times available Monday – Friday. If you have questions on infusions or injections, call 314-355-4010 for our Hazelwood location or 314-543-5200, opt. 4 for our St. Louis location. 

Infusion Center FAQs:

What if I react to the medication?

Our staff is there for you! Some people may develop itching, hives, chills, and rarely shortness of breath or anaphylaxis. If this occurs, we will halt your infusion and administer medications such as Benadryl and/or Solu-Cortef. The symptoms will usually disappear, and we can restart your infusion. For future infusions, we would give you some extra pre-medications to diminish your reaction. If a more severe reaction occurs, we will not restart your medication until consulting with your physician.

Is it OK to sleep during my infusion?

You bet! We want you as comfortable as possible. We may wake you during your infusion to check your vitals and, of course, wake you when your infusion is complete.

What should I wear?

Comfort is key! All that we ask is that your arms are easily accessible to administer the IV. We can provide a blanket if needed.

Can I drive home or go back to work after my infusion?

Yes, you can. Most people drive themselves to and from the infusion and can return to work the same day. However, if you receive a medication that causes drowsiness, we ask that you have someone drive you home.

Can I use my electronics while having my infusion?

Yes. We do have Wi-Fi so that you may use your laptop or tablet, or you may prefer to read a book or magazine, whatever will help you pass the time.

Should I take my medications on the day of the infusion?

Yes, you should take all of your prescribed medications as you usually would.

Can I eat and drink before my infusion?

Sure! You may eat and drink before, during, or after your infusion.

How long will my infusion take?

It will depend on the medication you will be receiving. Most of the medications that we infuse will take anywhere from 1-3 hours.